Products and methods that can help lighten the skin around the vagina

The vagina, labia majora, vaginal walls, crotch, which deteriorate with age, pregnancy, menstruation, and even constipation, require renewal and rejuvenation. The subject of genital embellishment that includes depigmentation, anti-flaccidity, whitening, exfoliation, and hydration treatments is new in the country.

According to doctors, pioneers of the technique, women are not very bold when trying these types of techniques.
However, most aim to end the darkened tone, regain tone, self-esteem and improve their sex life during the process.



Why do we have such a dark area? There are several reasons: temperature, the use of tight underwear, sweat glands and menstrual bleeding (which has a significant iron load) are some of the causes.

For depigmentation, combinations of acids are used: salicylic acid (very superficial and derived from aspirin) and glycerol (penetrates more tissue, inactivated in the middle dermis, is able to boost the production of collagen); Or salicylic acid with trichloroacetic acid.


In high concentrations, the use of these products polishes and burns (generates as disparities) the superficial layer of the skin and the dark tone disappears, it falls like a crust over the days. It is necessary to do dose-response until the tone that the patient looks for. A session is needed every fortnight, in a total of four to eight sessions.


This characteristic is given by dehydration: it is an area that remains without oxygen, enclosed. One technique to tone the vaginal lips is that of carboxy lifting. Traditional carboxytherapy is used (with the help of acupuncture needles and CO2) to revascularize the tissue and recover the tone. It sounds painful, but it does not need anesthesia, and the result is long lasting.


The first part is exfoliation, with a product that has as its main components glycolic acid and urea; And hydration and toning, based on hyaluronic acid and alum. Simply exfoliate once a week and use the daily moisturizer. The treatment should be three months, the time in which the acid achieves the action on the tissue. It is ideal for light pigmentation.


When there are problems of folliculitis (the hair are encysted by inflammation and begin to grow invertedly), it is important that the pigment is corrected. To solve this problem, you can use the laser. The light is captured by the cells of the color and the temperature contracts the collagen.
Four to eight sessions are required, every 21 days. Not only does hair end forever, but with those painful granites.


And to quell goose bumps in the crotch, trichloroacetic acid is used. Peelings are required to diminish the melanocyte and fade the dots. One exfoliation is enough every two weeks for two months.


hgdhgd87d4Over the years, the color of the skin that passes through the dorsal midline of the anus almost never changes, but on the sides, it is becoming darker. In addition, there are always secondary inflammations caused by diarrhea, constipation, and hemorrhoids. The anal area becomes inflamed all the time because it has pressure from the gluteal and perianal strip.

With the help of glycolic acid, a total cleaning is achieved. Then you have to use a scrub to remove the dead cells and a moisturizer to moisturize. The acids are left between 15 and 20 minutes per sesión. Click on and take a look at the best cream that you can use.